Recognition through distinction

Because ATA certification offers qualified and independent evidence of professional competence, clients and employers often look for this credential when reviewing potential candidates. ATA helps you get noticed.

CT Designation

Use your CT designation to show off your certification status on your résumé, business cards, and more.

CT Seal

Developed exclusively for ATA-certified translators, this seal allows clients to quickly recognize your credentials.

Highlighted Listing

Stand out from the competition with a prominent listing in ATA’s Language Services Directory.

Voting member status

ATA voting rights are automatically conferred on ATA-certified translators. With a direct voice in ATA, you can shape the future of your association and your profession.

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Don’t lose your credentials

ATA-certified translators must fulfill the continuing education requirement to maintain their certification.

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Looking for CEPs?

With conferences, seminars, and webinars, you can find affordable and effective ways to maintain your certification.

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Take the Challenge

Do you have what it takes to become ATA certified? Find out about the exam, who should take it, and how to prepare.